Inventerprising has designed and developed educational, business, community and entertainment websites and services for various Australian and international clients. These web products have been closely tailored to the needs of the particular client building on major web technologies including DHTML, ASPX, Actionscript, Java Servlets, CGI and PHP, often supported by database technologies such as SQL Server and MySQL.

Inventerprising also values the pursuit of internal projects to further expand our programmatic and problem solving capacities and provide innovative products to the wider global market. The most recent example being Inventerprising's launch of Lord Word Worm, a word tile Facebook game in March 2011.

The Lord Word Worm game is based on an entirely new, fresh and unique concept and is designed for anyone with an interest in playing with words, from a casual gamer looking for a quick fun game to enjoy, to those interested in a deep strategic game built on sound etymological calculations. It also provides an excellent educational tool for increasing the player's English vocabulary, providing an intelligent alternative to the cartoon-style games currently overwhelming the market. Lord Word Worm is free for everyone, with credit replenished over time for all, but also integrates Inventerprising's proprietary Triple-S payment system for those players wishing to further increase their game credits.